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What we do

Our objective is to 'solve' and then 'resolve' by revealing the whole truth and setting in motion long term, cost-effective corrective action.

We approach every case without bias or preconceived judgement.  We always make fair and rational decisions based on real facts supported by hard evidence. 

Fraud Investigation

Our Team's power of observation is well-honed through decades of experience in following data trails that others simply failed to discover. 

By "making data our friend", we routinely 'find needles in haystacks', detecting unusual patterns or anomalies which can indicate fraudulent activity. 

We use our accounting, auditing and investigative skills to examine financial records and transactions, with the primary purpose of uncovering financial fraud, embezzlement, or other financial irregularities. 

After establishing the who, what, why, when and how of a case, we play a fundamental role in legal proceedings and dispute resolution.  Our aim is to resolutely reveal the 'whole truth'.  Our primary allegiance is to the innocent who, without our support, would have stood undefended.


Fraud Management

We aim to minimise the impact of fraudulent activities on a business's well-being, reputation and operations.   

We find weaknesses that are currently being exploited by fraudsters and we help our clients design and build a pathway that leads to sustainable, cost-effective prevention and detection measures

In circumstances where significant fraud losses have occurred, the Team ensures that lost funds are recovered, perpetrators are removed and sustainable measures add lasting improvements to shareholder value.


Corporate Repair

By conducting analyses of companies' high error rates, we identify and help to repair the cracks which, if left unchecked, would lead to financial and reputational damage. 

Puzzled by this picture?  Look up 'kintsugi' repair.


Dispute Resolutions

We help parties keep their cool via mediation, conciliation, arbitration and quantum reports.

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Confidential Reviews

Due diligence enquiries into corporate and individual entities.

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