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About Us

Our Team of Directors has extensive expertise in accountancy, fraud and investigations, data recovery, designing error and fraud repellent processes, tax and mediation


To solve the "unsolvable", fearlessly establishing the whole truth and mitigating its impact.

Second Sight is a small team of top experts in the field of Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation, Fraud Management and Corporate Repair.    

We have worked together for decades specialising in cases which have had (or will have, if not resolved), a profoundly negative impact on a large number of people from all walks of life or who are existential threats to the client. 

We rely on a mix of intrinsic expertise, sharpened instinct and technological competence to enable us to identify anomalies and ultimately get to the bottom of mysterious and fraudulent phenomena that have defeated others.  We are always able to call upon world class, subject matter experts who supplement our investigative teams.  

We aim to establish the 'whole truth' regardless of the consequences to us.   No matter the findings, our primary allegiance is to the innocent who, without our support, would have stood undefended. 

We gravitate towards working with clients who share our ethics.

Our objective is to 'solve' and 'resolve' by revealing the truth and setting in motion long-term corrective action.

The Post Office Scandal

Second Sight recently received extensive publicity as a result of a TV Drama; ‘Mr Bates vs the Post Office’ and its related ‘Real Story’ documentary, broadcast in Jan 2024 and then released globally. 

This was a dramatisation of the British Post Office scandal, "Britain’s worst ever miscarriage of justice", in which nearly a thousand sub-postmasters were wrongly prosecuted for false accounting, fraud or theft.

The Great Post Office Scandal Ron and Ian
Ian Henderson & Ron Warmington 

The firm was appointed by Members of Parliament to investigate alleged problems with the Horizon computer system software and suspected misbehaviour by Post Office itself. 


Second Sight studied over 140 subpostmasters' assertions, broadly finding that Horizon was very seriously flawed.  It also established that most of the allegations were correct and that Fujitsu, the creator and maintainer of Horizon, was routinely and covertly altering branch accounts on an industrial scale.  Second Sight’s findings led to the disclosure of a massive cover up that started as early as 1999. 

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