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Core Principles

We gain and retain clients by being trusted to achieve results that exceed expectations 

Our Core Principles include:

► If what you need is beyond our capabilities we will tell you that;

► We will only undertake work that we know we are exceptionally good at delivering;

► We will at all times work with your people and give credit for their ideas... rather than trying to sell back to you your own work product;

► We will at all times guard against duplicating the activities of others;

► We will only recommend investments in procedural change, software, etc. where we are convinced that the net cost of the changes that we recommend will be less than zero;

► Where we know of others who can serve you better, we will, without cost, recommend them;

► Where we observe that work we would otherwise carry out could better be done by an existing in-house resource we will tell you that;

► We will ensure that our range of solutions, wide as it is, is demand-driven not supply-led (i.e. we will not try to convince you that your problems can be hammered into a match with one of our off-the-shelf solutions).

Second Sight Core Principles
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