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Our Directors

Our Team of Directors has extensive expertise in accountancy, fraud and investigations, data recovery, designing error and fraud repellent processes, tax and mediation

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Ron Warmington - Chairman


Ron is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner and a member of the ACi (Association of Corporate investigators). As Global Head of Banking Investigations at Citibank, directing over 100 investigators dealing with cases in over 100 countries, and as its Head of Security for EMEA, Ron has dealt with every type of fraud and every other form of corporate embarrassment and loss. Under his leadership, Citibank’s fraud-related asset recoveries routinely exceeded USD 100 million p.a. Ron’s team at GE Capital developed a Global Fraud Management Programme that materially increased Corporate profits by slashing fraud-related (and credit-related) losses. Exceptional Returns on Investment were achieved by designing and deploying highly effective / efficient preventive and detective measures. In 2006, Ron flagged up the impending sub-prime / CDO crisis and predicted the Global Financial melt-down. With extensive experience in Internal Audit; Banking; Systems Design; Process Repair and Business Management (including 8 years as CFO of Citibank’s Global Asset Management Business) and a highly successful period as a CFD Trader, Ron has consistently shown that he has the skills, the personality and the drive to deal with the most challenging situations. Between 2012 and 2015, Ron’s company ‘Second Sight’ established the causes of mysterious shortfalls in branches of the Post Office, revealing what has been described as the country’s worst ever miscarriage of justice.

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Ian Henderson - Director


Ian is uniquely qualified as an investigator, a Chartered Accountant and an IT Auditor. Professional qualifications include FCA, CISA and CCE. Ian was previously Head of Investigations at the Personal Investment Authority. Immediately prior to this, he held a number of senior regulatory roles at Lloyd’s of London. As Manager of the Lloyd’s Loss Review Department, Ian was responsible for the independent investigation of financial losses exceeding £800 million. He was also Manager of the Action Group Support Unit which worked closely with members of Lloyd’s who were disputing liability for Lloyd’s losses. In this role Ian dealt directly with Members of Parliament who were raising various issues concerning Lloyd’s losses. Ian has examined over 300 personal computers, network servers and personal digital devices, has been responsible for over 20 major fraud investigations and has directly facilitated substantial financial recoveries as a result of examining the digital evidence. He has been appointed as the Court’s computer expert in civil cases in both England and Scotland and has given evidence as a forensic computer expert in numerous civil and criminal cases, including a major terrorism trial at the Old Bailey. Between January 2001 and July 2005, Ian acted (part time) as Special Advisor to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Ian was also a selected as a contributing author to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners “Fraud Casebook”. Between 2012 and 2015, Ian and the Team at 'Second Sight' established the causes of mysterious shortfalls in branches of the Post Office, revealing what has been described as the country’s worst ever miscarriage of justice.

Kay Linell - Director


Kay is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner, has an MBA and is recognised by a number of official bodies. Kay specialises in forensic accounting, financial disputes and areas of litigation support including civil, family and criminal matters. She has experience in specialist commercial matters including share valuations, insurance claims, management consultancy, construction disputes, business interruption, insolvency and corporate recovery, fraud investigations, forensic reconstruction, tax professional negligence and tax investigations. With a wealth of experience in compliance matters, Kay has held office as the Chief Executive of the Joint Insolvency Monitoring Unit Limited for the self-regulation of the insolvency profession; as the Board of Inland Revenue's Chief Investigating Accountant and Head of Accountancy Profession and Accountancy Advisor in the Special Compliance Office at the Inland Revenue. Kay is the author or co-author of: Tolley’s Tax Appeals (published 2001); Tolley’s Accountancy Litigation Support (1998-2004); and Experts in the Civil Courts (OUP, 2006). Kay also regularly lectures at events for accountants, barristers and judges, and expert witnesses.

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Second Sight's Directors hold multiple memberships of professional bodies including:

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