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Private Eye bites again

Updated: Feb 8

As a further example of the terriers at Private Eye refusing to let go of their prey, today’s Private Eye (number 1616) has a further two pages (pages 8 and 9) devoted to the Post Office.


Unsurprisingly, the Eye draws attention to the cosy relationship that seemed to exist, back in the Autumn of 2014, when it was blindingly obvious that the Post Office, Fujitsu and the Government were all in the thick of an emerging scandal.  It points to members of the Top Brass of all three organisations having been photographed happily revelling together at the Carlton Political Dinner.


The Eye says: “In autumn 2014, the Post Office was trying to keep a lid on the burgeoning scandal, suppressing the emerging findings of investigators from forensic accountants Second Sight it had been forced to bring in, and fobbing sub-postmasters off with a fruitless “mediation“ scheme.” 


There seem to be enough fleet-footed terriers at the Eye to inflict some painful ankle-biting on many MPs, ineffectual Civil servants and other bystanders. I’m awfully glad that we, in Second Sight, seem to have done nothing to provoke them into chasing after us! 


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